Timber Constructions

The benefits of a timber construction are many as well as important. 
This page outlines some of these main benefits by addressing some of the most frequently asked questions.
Proof against years 
From the first Property Box home built in Cyprus till the present day. Our timber homes are designed to withstand hot and humid climates. Our timber frame construction is a completely sealed unit which has absolutely no direct contact with the elements. First of all we should say that our constructions are absolutely airtight, and that means that there is no contact with the exterior elements. 


The way in which we construct our homes allows movement and the necessary elasticity in case of seismic shock, thus avoiding as much damage as possible.
This is checked over by an antiseismic building official who will give written clearance to the building.
Heat-insulating - reduce heating cost 
Our wood frames houses allow us the dimensions for entire wall to ceiling insulation. Insulating your home provides a barrier against the elements and a thermal control, creating a warmer home in the winter months and allowing the house to breathe in the summer. 


A common concern is housing is whether the property is fireproof? No need to worry with Property Box homes as we use only the safest materials that are guaranteed to protect you and your home. Our use of high resistant exterior insulation with an acrylic plaster leaves our homes ‘standing their ground’.
A benefit we provide in comparison to other construction companies. 
Environmentally friendly and proximity to nature 
Our main purpose at PropertyBox homes, among many more, is to provide you with a house that can co-exist within the natural landscape.
We aim to - using the best natural materials (all of which are non-toxic)- create an environmentally friendly and harmonious property. 

Minimal costs 

Because of the materials and speed of construction we can minimize the construction cost 25% less than the other construction methods. 

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